“With Radioiodine I-131, Indy was back to his old self within 2 or 3 weeks. The radiation exposure is minimal.  I did some research and I chose Radioiodine because I didn’t want the side effects from surgery.  And, the cost between Radioiodine and surgery isn’t much different.  It was worth it for my cat.  Plus, it was quick.  It also made me comfortable that I-CAT ran tests to make sure that Indy was a candidate for the procedure.  Dr. Mears explained everything to me.  He came down onto Indy’s level and I could tell he was really caring and truly enjoys helping cats.  He was very concerned about my pet.  He understood that Indy was my baby.” 

Michelle Hillery, Nurse
Cincinnati, OH

“I chose Radioiodine I-131 because there’s always a risk with surgical removal.  I also didn’t want to put my cats under anesthesia for surgery or give them pills numerous times a day.  There’s too much margin for error there.  Radioiodine I-131 was a one time deal.  I work in radiology and I’m comfortable with the process.  The Radioiodine wasn’t a worry for me because it’s a therapeutic dose.  Plus, Dr. Mears is very good about explaining what’s going on.  He has integrity, is very competent and is quite conscientious.”

Kim Mahoney, Registered Nurse
Safety Harbor, FL.

“Having my cat, Chuck, treated with Dr. Mears was a lifesaver because he couldn’t undergo a long procedure.  Chuck is a very sensitive cat.  He gets scared and his heart starts racing.  He was only at the hospital for a short period and he did very well.  We are thankful that Dr. Mears was able to take care of him.  As for the Radioiodine, it’s perfectly safe and the animals do exceptionally well.  I had no fear or concerns from the treatment.  It’s a simple, quick and very effective procedure.  Other options for treating hyperthyroidism can have serious side effects or complications.  I think Radioiodine is the best option out there.”

Dan Oaks, Retired
Cincinnati, OH

"I've sent about a dozen patients to Dr. Mears.  He's has quite a number of years experience with this treatment.  He's very professional and the whole procedure with the Radioiodine I-131 was successful.  He's extremely careful with regard to a preliminary work-up on the pet, to ensure the pet is a candidate for the procedure.  My clients were very happy with the service, the communication and certainly the results."

Dr. James Lutz - Largo Veterinary Hospital

Largo, FL

"It's a great value because Dr. Mears is able to perform a cardiac screening as part of the diagnostic treatment for the patient.  It's a portion of the evaluation you don't have to worry about.  You know exactly where you stand, when you send a patient for therapy.  Dr. Mears is extremely professional and my clients were happy with the treatment they got.  They felt comfortable knowing that I recommended him whole-heartedly."

Dr. James Dugan – South Dade Animal Hospital

Miami, FL